School Partnership

We are well on the way to building links with Otley All Saints Primary School

Otley All Saints is a friendly and successful school, their motto – ‘A valuable day every day’ – indicates their commitment to ensure that everyone at the school has the chance to enjoy and achieve, whatever their strengths and interests. The school is underpinned by Christian values, and as a community school for Otley they offer a warm welcome to families of all faiths or none.

The school is also a Fair Trade school which recognises its commitment to the Fair Trade community – we will no doubt learn a couple of things about fair trade from the children at Otley All Saints as we are also making a push to becoming a Fair Trade School.

We have had a couple of Skype calls with the school which our pupils (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed. The pupils discussed various topics and spoke about the differences within our schools but also learnt that most things we do in school are identical.

In October Paradise School Council travelled to Leeds Civic Hall to attend a meeting with the Student Council of Otley All Saints School. Both schools thoroughly enjoyed this chance to meet and look forward to the next visit.

This will be a very interesting project for both schools where we will learn about what makes us who we are and how we can learn to live and work together within the wider community