Chocolate Week 13/10/2020

This week is chocolate week!! For Literacy Reception made their own chocolate wrappers, labelling and decorating them! Some children even added the bar code! The children then designed their own wrappers and lollipops. They read some stories about chocolate which everyone enjoyed.
They talked about where chocolate comes from, the responses we got were mainly: shops, Asda, Mullacos or the factory. We have asked the children to find a bit more information for tomorrow if possible. Where does chocolate come from? We will then be talking about it tomorrow.

The children also looked at different ways of melting chocolate, made Nutella bars and really enjoyed them. They also looked at how chocolate comes from cacao trees, with the cocoa beans growing inside cocoa pods. The children learnt that the beans are then covered in banana leaves to dry in the sun. Look at the beautiful banana leaves they made and then covered their cocoa beans with. They even put them on the window as it was where the sun was shining the brightest. We made Ghana flags as it is one of the hot countries we get cocoa beans from.