“Wow, wow, wow!! What an amazing school with articulate, welcoming staff. This is clearly a school who puts wellbeing at the centre of everything it does. Truly inspiring!! Thank you.”
Helen Parker, Education Link Worker

“Absolutely brilliant session! Children were really engaged and attentive and participated wonderfully. An amazing session- really set me up for the rest of the day now! Thank you so much for inviting me.”
Janice, Dewsbury Library

“Excellent behaviour whilst delivering my assembly on the Kidz4Kidz campaign. Very attentive. Very good teacher control.”
Adam Patel, Regional Liaison Officer, UWT

“Reinforced Green Cross Code for Road Safety Week to a lively and enthusiastic set of pupils. Well done all.”
Sgt Cameron Buchan, West Yorkshire Police

“What a wonderful welcome at assembly this morning talking about the local food bank. The questions were a delight, I am already looking forward to coming back to talk about my councillor duties. ”
Cllr Jackie Ramsey

“Absolutely lovely bunch of kids- extremely interactive and full of questions- A pleasure to come in and see all those lovely faces!”
Seaham Sufian

“Always a pleasure coming in to Paradise School. Lovely staff and pupils always willing to engage in new activities. Thank you.”
North Kirklees School Sports Partnership

“Thank you for inviting me to talk to the Reception group about how pharmacists can help people. The pupils were very attentive and a real pleasure to present to”
Alaa Abdalla, Clinical Pharmacist

“I have been to many schools as a guest speaker and never seen a school with such incredible teachers and students. The environment is impressive and I can see the drive, enthusiasm amongst the teachers to make the tress of future grow straight and bear fruits of goodness which will Inshallah benefit the whole Ummah. May Allah reward you all with the best in Dunya and Akhirah”
Khawaja Gulraiz Rauf- Plastic Surgeon, Recipient of NHS Healthcare Hero Award

“I really enjoyed sharing what I do as a counsellor in assembly. The children are so keen to listen and I loved their warm participation.”
Sajeda Patel

“Thankyou to all the children from Reception & the teachers for inviting me to give a talk about the role of a Pharmacist.”
Halima Kothwal- Asda Pharmacist

“Presentation to Years 3 & 4 all day during the Covid pandemic. Excellent behaviour throughout the entire day. A pleasure to do and look forward to our next visit.”
Craig & Mick- Kirklees Road Safety Team

“Thankyou to all the Year 5 children for behaving and being knowledgeable.”
West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

“Lovely warm welcome from staff as always. Children have been a pleasure to teach. Always engaged and trying their best.”
Bikeability Legacy Ride

“National Road Safety Week. Children had very good knowledge of road safety. Well done everyone. Keep Safe.”
PCSO Annette Still

“Lovely visit. very polite, friendly pupils and staff. Jazakallah for having me.”
Asma Musa- Neonatal Nurse

“Lovely to spend a day doing orienteering activities with Year 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Hope you all come orienteering again.”
Viv Barraclough- East Pennine Orienteering

“Many thanks for the very warm welcome we received at Paradise Primary School from your staff and children. Thank you also for the enthusiasm and flexibility you showed the project, we loved bringing ‘Hats Of Faith’ to your school.”
Gemma Robinson- ‘Hats Of Faith’ The Penny Appeal

“Bahot Shukria Paradise Primary School. It was a beautiful pleasure to visit you with my community engagement ambulance.”
Don Buxton- Yorkshire Ambulance Service, NHS Trust

“The Yr 3 children watched our presentation very well & learned about crossing roads & staying safe. On the roadside they behaved great & practiced perfectly. A credit to the school.”
Kirklees Road Safety Team

“Visited school with our committee members for assembly. We appreciate the school’s support. Children did well with the assembly and questions. Hope to work with the school in the future.”
Akhtar Kasia- Downs & Special Friends

“Came to do some water safety sessions. Really impressed with the behaviour & attitude of all the pupils. They were engaged, thinking and asking great questions. Absolute pleasure to be here. Thank you also to the great staff for all their help setting up and for making me so welcome. I am confident Paradise Primary know how to stay Safe around water.”
Claire Cavendish- Canal River Trust

“Thank You for making us feel so welcome. It was wonderful to have an oppurtunity to speak to the children in assembly about what vets and vet nurses do. Everyone was so well behaved.”
Shona Hayden & Sarah Ashley- Calder Vets

“An absolutely fabulous experience with the school and the children. The children participated vey well and the staff were very welcoming.”
Naheed Musa-NSPCC

“We had an enjoyable time at school leading the assembly about Easter. The children were delightful and the singing was beautiful. Thank you for inviting us.”
Reverend Sue Clarke

“We have enjoyed meeting the children and helping to improve cycling. The children tried hard and listened well.”
David Williams – Bikeability

“I came into school to deliver an online safety assembly. As always the children were attentive and delightful.”
PC Ford

“To the staff and children of Paradise, Thank you so much for inviting the children and me to your outstanding presentation [12th July ’11]! We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Kind thoughts from us all at Pentland School.”
Pat, Pentland School

“Throughout the school year, officers have attended to deliver both assemblies and talks to individual classes, to raise awareness of safety issues and the role of the police.

We have always found the school to be very welcoming. Staff are very receptive to new ideas. The children are always very well behaved and polite.

We have formed a good working relationship with the school and hope this will continue in the coming years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both staff and pupils for inviting us to the presentation [on 12th July ’11] at the mosque. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.”

Heather Chester (CO134) and Julie Buxton (CO28), West Yorkshire Police

“Firstly I would like to thank you and the school for taking part in this worthy initiative [Box of Hope]. The building is well set out with plenty of space for the children and excellent security provisions.

Upon my visit I mentioned to the teachers who greeted me, that the children are an absolute merit to to the school. I was pleasantly surprised at the discipline and conduct of every child that I came across. I cannot praise the school enough for the work it has done with the pupils.

From my observations and involvement that I have had with Paradise I can say that the organisation is very efficient. It clearly demonstrates moral values and care for the wider community at its core.”

Mohammed Kola, Amanah Manager, HSBC Bank Plc

“Thank you for taking me on for a week’s placement just before the holidays. I really enjoyed working alongside the pleasant staff and experiencing the teachings of Paradise Primary School. I value and respect the way you teach your students and the way you bring them up with respect. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the students and getting to know all of the children in Reception class. They all put a smile on my face and I will remember the great time I had.

Working in Paradise made me feel more confident to continue and pursue a career in either childcare or primary teaching. I hope maybe we can hear from each other soon and come for more placement work to help out or even come for a friendly casual visit. Thank you so much for everything and please forgive me if I have done or saidanything unknowingly.”

ZM, Work Experience Student, Huddersfield New College

“I just wanted to thank you for the very warm hospitality I received at the school. Allhumdullillah the teachers were very welcoming and the pupils were bright and well behaved. I wish I could have stayed for longer than the allocated hour. The pupils had so many questions about what it was like to be a writer and I would have liked to answer them all. Judging from the interest shown I think the Paradise School has quite a few budding authors in the making … InshAllah.”
Sufiya Ahmed, Zahra Books

“Jazakallah khair to you and all the Paradise team for a very inspirational evening. We benefited greatly and will get working on this straight away.Your school and the website look great. Credit to you and your staff.”
Muhammad Hanif, New Horizon Community School (Leeds)

“In terms of feedback, and I assure you I’m not just saying this to be nice, mashallah you guys are some of the most hospitable brothers and sisters I’ve come across. Being from London, I see most people from further north being hospitable in comparison to what we have here, but your guys really go the extra mile, both this time and the last. Lukman…well, what can I say, I have nothing but praise for him, mashallah he’s a great mind and looked after me very well, and treated me to lunch which was lovely too.Working with schools like yours makes this project all the more worth it, I make du’aa that Allah continues to bless your school and community.”
Saqib Awan, KSM

“Alhamdulillah the assembly was actually an enjoyable experience for me. I didn’t really get time to have a look round, but was impressed by the kids – they seemed very attentive and enthusiastic and parents/ teachers must be doing a good job in instilling in them good akhlaq alhamdulillah. Inshaallah their time at the school serves to be a good foundation for their lives ahead as muslim citizens. Loved the anthem, it pulled at the heart strings and i’d definitely encourage you guys to put a recording on the website, if not youtube!”
Dr Habiba, Dewsbury District Hospital

“Alhamdulillah – JazakAllah khayr again for having us, it was an absolute pleasure! My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.”

We felt the school was very well facilitated and were amazed by the brilliant use of space – the way the school has fitted in so comfortably, it’s as though the building was purposely constructed for Paradise!

Something that grabbed all of our attention, was that each classroom, each corridor, each wall was filled with fascinating displays and remarkable project work. Most are pieced together with great effort and creativity – it is clear from these alone that Paradise is a learning empire, nurturing great minds with a great future. An absolutely fantastic learning environment!

The teachers were very professional and hospitable. We received an admirably warm welcome and were hosted brilliantly throughout the day; please do extend our thanks to them.

The teachers’ positive attitude and sincere commitment towards Paradise was very apparent today through their hardwork and dedication. Upon observation, we could see their genuine love, passion and pride for Paradise is being invested directly into the school and children, who appear to receive high quality education.

The pupils were very well mannered and an absolute pleasure to work with. We experienced some great talent today, and noticed a high standard of abilities and skillsets amongst many. We were very impressed with the level of knowledge the children had, on both an Islamic and Secular platform.”

RI, Games to Gaza