List of Governors

Y Patel – Chair A Patel – Vice Chair J Vali
N Patel H Khatib A Mitha
Z Patel Y Y Patel I Dalal
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Chair of Governors

Yasir Patel

c/o Paradise Primary School
1 Bretton Street
WF12 9BB

Tel: 07786137316

Role of the Governing Body

The main aim of the Governing Body (GB) is to maintain and improve Paradise Primary School’s (including the Early Years) standard of education.

The work can be divided into the following key roles:

  • Setting the school’s vision and strategic aims, agreeing plans and policies, and making creative use of resources;
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance, acting as a critical friend to the Headteacher and the Senior Management Team and to support and challenge them in managing the school;
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent;
  • Ensuring that the school is accountable to the children and parents it serves, to its local community, as well as to the staff it employs.

There are also a number of key duties the GB carries out which are set out below:

  • Setting and monitoring the school’s aims and policies.
  • Setting academic targets, staff performance targets and whole school targets;
  • Monitor attendance of pupils / staff/ governors;
  • Review and monitor examination/national test results;
  • Reviewing, adopting and monitoring the School Improvement Plan (including for Early Years);
  • Reviewing, adopting and monitoring the SEF (including for Early Years);
  • Determining how the school’s budget is spent;
  • Hearing escalated appeals and grievances;
  • Setting standards for pupils’ behaviour and discipline in consultation with the headteacher;
  • Working in partnership with the leadership and maintenance staff making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe;
  • Annually elect governors for the following responsibilities:-

Finance, Teaching and Learning, SMSCD, Fundraising, Equality, SEN, Premises, Safeguarding & Behaviour

Please find below the school governors structure:

Governors Structure