Cross Curriculur Days

Each half-term, the normal school timetable is relaxed and pupils are engrossed in enrichment activities through our diverse Cross-Curricular Day programme. On these days, pupils are immersed in a wide-range of experiences that open their eyes to world culture, personal, social and moral issues and self-development, in order to support them in developing as individuals.

For 2018-2019 our Cross-Curricular Days are as follows:

Hajj in a Day

British Food Festival

STEM in Our Every Day Lives 09/04/2019

Group Challenge:

Children making a bridge for 20 teddies using only 4 cups and 4 sticks.

STEM challenges based around the book SUPERTATO.

A. Make a bridge for Supertato to cross the river
B. Make traps for the Evil Pea
C. Help the Evil Pea stay afloat in the water using foil
D. Make magnifying glasses to search for the Evil Pea

The children discussed how STEM is implemented in our daily lives. The children enjoyed being engineers for the day and building different things out of LEGO. The children enjoyed learning about the different inventors and their inventions.

Activity 1 – Making Triangles: each person receives 9 toothpicks. The goal is to make as many triangles as possible with 9 toothpicks.

Activity 2 – Paper Water Bucket: make a cup out of a sheet of paper, no glue, no staple, nothing else – the goal is to hold as much water as possible for 10 seconds.

Activity 3 – Paper Tower Challenge: to build the tallest tower out of paper

The children learnt about how STEM is used in baking. They learnt about the different mathematical skills involved when measuring ingredients, the technology used in the kitchen and also the science behind how cakes and bread rise. The children really enjoyed making their own cupcakes and eating them at the end of the day.

The children looked at the structures of different bridges and the properties of each one to see what would make a strong bridge. They discussed which materials are strong enough to hold bridges up and which materials would not be useful

The children were challenged to build a bridge 50cm wide to support the weight of a food tin. They had do this using only drinking straws, tape and string. First, they investigated different shapes to find out which ones would be better at absorbing load. They then designed and create their bridges before testing them out.

To understand the effects of waste and which materials are effective to people and the environment.

The children were given a selection of biscuits and had to decide which materials they would use to package them. with either plastic, glass and cardboard. They then had to pack them, decorate and price them.

Children make a ‘thank you’ card for their neighbours and learnt the role of neighbours in Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other religions.

They explored the different religions and what the places of worship are and took part in many activities:

–learnt the places of worship, symbol, special book and language for different religions
-Researched the internet, and prepared a poster showing the various activities that happen in different places of worship. E.g. youth clubs, study groups, community car
-Pupils made a role play up about visiting their neighbours who are from a different faith. They have been invited for dinner and the dress code is ‘religious clothing’. This enabled them to learn the similarities and differences in faiths
-To be tolerant, understanding and accepting of all faiths and to appreciate different traditions, customs, history, festivals and importance. The children took part in various activities and created/designed their own festival outfits, completed word searches and role-plays.

Languages Around the World 18/12/2018

Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Konglish were just some of the languages the children learnt. As well as learning and practising different words and phrases, the children enjoyed sampling the food associated with the languages.

Celebrating 70 Years of the NHS 17/10/2018

The children explored the beginnings of the NHS and how we can support it today.

They showed their appreciation by making cards/poems. They also got a chance to apply for NHS jobs most suited to their skill set. Dentistry, Doctors, Nurses, Optometrist were just few of many that were looked at.

First Aid plays a huge part and in order to develop basic skills to spot danger and help save lives, the children had the opportunity to practice the different aspects of first aid etc