Our commitment to Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

At school, we are consistently developing each child’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) learning. This is evident throughout the day and can be seen through our topics, visits and other activities; we encourage our parents to get involved at home with these areas by promoting tolerance, independence and extra-curricular interests, as well as developing them as an active British citizen and a positive Islamic role model for the community. In this section you can view how we enjoy doing this at school.

Road Safety Week

The theme of Road Safety Week is SAFE ROADS FOR ALL. Every life on our roads matters, and every death and injury is preventable. Road Safety Week gives us all the opportunity to remember people who have passed away or have been injured on UK roads.

We invited Sgt Buchan, and his colleague, from West Yorkshire Police for our morning assembly. They talked to our children about the importance of Road Safety and reinforced understanding on the Green Cross Code. They also carried out exciting activities including testing their running speed using a speed radar gun! They had a great time outdoors doing this activity and learnt important safety rules. 🦺🚔👮‍♂️🚫

#roadsafetyweek #saferoadsforall

Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day is a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique during Anti-Bullying Week and to help raise awareness of bullying. This initiative celebrates individuality and greatness. Children at Paradise have participated in this movement in the past, and have done so again this year, by wearing their favourite odd socks to school. Children learn to be themselves, accepting of one another and celebrate difference.

Lovely, colourful socks kids! 🧦

World Science Day

World Science Day happens every year on November 10th. It was started as a way of opening up the world of scientific research and discovery to engage everybody in current scientific issues and developments — like artificial intelligence or renewable energy. World Science Day aims to show that — although you may not be a scientist or a researcher — science is all around you and is a part of everybody’s life.

Reception- We have had a super fun morning today doing lots of science activities. We kicked off the day by talking about the different parts we need to create a circuit. We then created our own circuits and explored different materials that we could add to it. We found that with some items, the bulb didn’t light up, but with some, it did! We will continue exploring circuits during play since we have really enjoyed them. We also went around the school looking for different machines and we found so many! Some were large and some were really small. Some worked only on batteries whilst others needed a mains power supply. We have taken lots of pictures and will be displaying them in the classroom!

Primary- Children in primary had a spectacular, fun-filled afternoon. Teachers set up multiple stations in the hall, with different science experiments at each station. The first activity was testing magnetism using a giant magnet. There were a range of materials on the table such as pennies, paperclips, spoons, pens and counters. They used the giant magnet to pick up the items and see which were magnetic and which were non-magnetic. This allowed children to gain a wider understanding on magnetic materials.

The second station was the science behind SLIME making! Children particularly enjoyed this experiment, where they mixed together cornflour and water, amongst other ingredients to make sticky slime.

On another station was a chemical reaction test set-up. Using white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring, a FIZZY reaction occurred leaving the children amazed and intrigued at the chemical reaction taking place.

The fourth and final station included separating fats and lipids. To a bowl, they added milk, food colouring and fairy liquid and observed the magic happening!

Black History Month October

Black History Month is both a time to celebrate and a time to learn about and understand Black history and culture. For the entire month, a wide range of events are held across the country celebrating African and Caribbean cultures and histories, including everything from food festivals to music workshops, educational seminars and lectures. In the UK it takes place during October.

At Paradise, we use this opportunity to educate and inform students on various historical Black figures who played an important role in our society. For example, this year, children in Year 3 focused on Rosa Parks. They analysed the life of Rosa Parks and the importance of the Bus Boycott. Children discussed how she must have felt at the time and the impact of her actions. They were then able to create a timeline of her life and order the events that took place.

Additionally, Year 4 learned about Martin Luther King. They then carried out an activity where they wrote about their own dreams for the future and created bookmarks. Well done! ⭐

World Mental Health Day

Mental health problems exist in our lives, families, workplaces and communities, affecting everyone. We must do as much as possible to prevent mental ill-health – as individuals and as a society. World Mental Health Day takes place on the 10th of October every year, with this year’s theme being ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’As a school, we encourage both children and staff members to discuss emotions, feelings and thoughts regularly within the classroom environment, and particularly so, on this day.

We held a whole school assembly where guest speaker, Salma, spoke to our children about Mental Health and the importance of checking up on one another. The children watched a video, after which she highlighted issues that may arise when we don’t speak up about our problems. Children were engaged, participated well and listened to her advice. Jazakallah for visiting us for #WorldMentalHealthDay

Year 1 children talked about the importance of sharing their worries and expressing their emotions to adults they feel comfortable with. Children made some worry dolls so that they can share their worries with it. A worry doll is a great way of helping children think about and manage anything that troubles them and teaches them to open up to someone without bottling up their emotions. 🧸

Children in Year 5 undertook an origami style activity, wherein they wrote and drew activities that contribute to their own mental health and wellbeing within a folded paper chatterbox. When feeling down, they can use this to remind themselves of ways that can make them feel better.

Year 3 carried out an activity that tied in nicely with their PSHCE lesson. They have been learning about Allah’s vast knowledge of everything and the verse from the Quran: ‘He knows whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but with His knowledge.’ They discussed ways to open up and talk about their feelings and how Allah knows about all their struggles. They were also reminded to turn to Allah whenever they feel down and need help.  Alongside their PSHCE work, they went outside to collect leaves, traced around them on some paper and wrote positive affirmations inside. They read out the affirmations in front of the class to create a happy, positive and optimistic atmosphere. 🍁🍂🍃 Well Done Year 3!

World Smile Day

Smiling is Sunnah!! 😊😊😊

World Smile Day is the perfect day to make others smile while also ensuring you have a smile on your face as well. There are a lot of events that go on around the globe on World Smile Day, all of which have been designed to make people feel happier and to share great moments with others. As a school, children from Nursery, all the way to Year 6, engage in a range of activities revolving around smiling and happiness.

Year 1 & 3 enjoyed celebrating World Smile Day by designing their own smiley faces and writing about the things that make them smile, while Year 2 carried out a smiley face colouring in activity. Year 5 wrote and drew what makes them smile on a puzzle piece which they put together with their class to create a display that will spread smiles around the room. 🧩 

World Dyslexia Awareness Day

The theme for this year’s World Dyslexia Awareness Day is ‘Breaking Through Barriers’.  It allows us to reflect on the barriers that those living with dyslexia often face, while also focusing on how individuals, organisations and the education system have continued to succeed and break through these obstacles.

All children began the day by watching a video on ‘Seeing Dyslexia Differently’. This thought provoking video led children to ponder on different situations they may encounter when around someone with dyslexia. Children learnt about how a dyslexic person may have difficulty reading 📖 and spelling ✏️. They explained the importance of understanding how to help those who struggle with it and about being kind regardless of our differences 🧠.

World Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day recognises the contribution that teachers make day in, day out for the growth of our future generation.

Children collectively showed their appreciation by making cards for the teachers with heartfelt messages and drawings inside. What a kind gesture!

Paradise Primary School would like to extend a huge Jazakallah to all our staff for their continuous efforts and dedication! 🏅 We celebrated with cake that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

Events from Previous Years

World Kindness Day

In Reception, we have been talking about being kind and how it is World Kindness Day tomorrow. Look at the amazing gifts the children have wrapped for the teachers around the school!
For this activity the children worked in pairs and pulled a name card out of a tub. They then worked together to wrap a gift for that teacher. We talked about giving gifts being a sunnah and their own experiences. We gave the gifts today and the teachers loved them.
In Primary, the children had a chance to explain why choosing kindness is important and how it can impact someone’s life. They decorated small cards with affirmations to give to someone to make them smile. ‘Remember smiling is a charity’
They also celebrated World Kindness Day 2021 with DIY origami cards to put a smile on a loved one’s face. ‘A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Let’s make our world a better and happier place through kindness!’

Places Of Worship

Year 1 children visited a local mosque, Masjid-E-Umar as part of the R.E curriculum where they are learning about places of worship. They were given a tour and were shown lots of interesting features of a mosque. They went to the wudhu area, saw where Salaah is read by the Imam and the Madressah classrooms. A very enjoyable afternoon!

Year 2 visited Dewsbury Minster. The children learnt a lot about Christianity and its beliefs during their tour around the Church.
A big Thank You to Reverend Simon for hosting us.

The year 4 children visited a Gurdwara. They learnt interesting facts about Sikhism, including the 5K’s and the history of the religion

The children in Year 5 visited the Wat Buddharama Temple in Leeds.
It is a Thai Buddhist temple that has six monks in residence. A place where people of all backgrounds are welcome to explore and develop mindfulness and inner peace. They also regularly hold meditation classes.
The children had an informative visit and asked inquisitive questions

UK Parliament Week

For UK Parliament week, Primary learnt about the Houses Of Parliament and completed various activities
KS1 learnt about the House Of Parliament, how our Government runs our country, held a debate and then voted in an election.

KS2 looked at why we need laws. Pupils learnt that laws make things fair and give everyone access to equal rights. Laws keep us safe and protect us and make sure people behave so they don’t hurt themselves and they solve conflicts. They also had fun carrying out a class debate

Year 6 learnt about the Monarchy, House of Lords and House of Commons. They learnt about the difference between Parliament and the Government. Pupils wrote about the changes they would make if they were the Prime minister. Year 6 also debated whether the age for voting should be lowered to 16. The children could not come to a final conclusion and the debate continues.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day on 10th October every year. As it fell on a weekend, the school took part in it on Monday 11th October.
World Mental Health Day is also a chance to talk about mental health in general, how we need to look after it, and how important it is to talk about things and get help if you are struggling. 🗣️
We had a morning assembly for the children to discuss how mental health is just as important as physical health.
The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness, the children and staff showed their support with green ribbons #PinItforMentalHealth 🎗️
During the Day, the classes took part in various activities. The children learnt about the importance of perseverance and goals they’d like to achieve by the end of this year and reflected on their strengths and their personality and what makes them special.💭
We are incredibly proud of our children Mashallah. They designed great posters to demonstrate the importance of mental health and how praying and prostration helps to maintain our health physically and mentally.
The children also made chatter boxes. They created them to incorporate games and wellbeing and included the sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) as he was an exceptional role model.
On Thursday 14th, Counsellor Sajida came in to deliver an assembly on mental health for the students. She discussed how looking after yourselves is very important and how you should do things which make you feel good. She also spoke about what kind of things make you feel good when helping others

Dyslexia Week

”Dyslexia Awareness Week” is an annual event aimed at further understanding and raising awareness amongst pupils about dyslexia; what it means, what it is and what can be done to support people who have dyslexia.
In Year 1, children learnt about how people affected with this condition struggle with skills involved with reading, writing and spelling. They watched some videos and drew what they learnt.💬
Year 2 enjoyed learning about Dyslexia and they had lots of fun designing fun t-shirts. 👕
The Year 3 & 4 children had a thoughtful discussion surrounding dyslexia using some interactive cards. They discussed what makes each individual unique, their own strengths and how they may help someone in their class who may be struggling with dyslexia. The children came up with some fantastic, helpful ideas.
The children in Year 5/6 designed their own T-shirts to raise awareness for Dyslexia.
Well done to all of you for your hard work

World Smile Day

“Smile it’s a Sunnah!’’ 😃🙂
”Let’s do an act of kindness. Help someone SMILE!”
Every year on the first Friday of October the world celebrates World Smile Day. The children took part in various activities in each Year Group for World Smile Day
Reception- Today we talked about the importance of smiling and that it is a sunnah. We talked about what makes us smile and how we can make others smile. We then made smiley face emojis and had lots of fun doing so.”😆😊
Year 1- This morning we created cards for someone who helped put a smile on our face. Thank you for making us SMILE. In enrichment we made smiling sock puppets. Well done to all the for the fantastic effort!”🧦
Year 2- enjoyed decorating cupcakes with big smiley faces!🧁
Year 3- celebrated World Smile Day with our own DIY fridge magnets
Year 4- children had fun making cards including pockets of kindness. Well done!!
Year 5- wrote down a couple of actions that they wanted to do over the weekend to make their parent’s smile.
Year 6- made happy wheels and had cupcakes iced with a smile.


Year 6 children took part in Paradise Primary School’s very own ‘The Apprentice’ wherein they formed teams, and then created and sold personalised goods to the rest of the school. Amongst carrying out vital market research, brainstorming ideas, budgeting and pricing their products, this project required the children to creatively decorate several items to sell. They thoroughly enjoyed the artistic elements, producing some amazing final pieces.

Throughout this process, year 6 were also educated on the reasons and importance of advertisement and promotion after which they concentrated on their own forms of advertising– powerful posters, snappy slogans and lovely logos. Once the big day arrived, the children sold their products enthusiastically, developing excellent trading and communication skills along the way. All the children showed great eagerness to complete given tasks on time and their hard work proved to be worth it, raising a total of £155! A huge well done to all the children in year 6 for their dedication and commitment to The Apprentice 2021!

World Down Syndrome Day

On the 21st of March it was World Downs Syndrome Day so on Monday we all wore odd socks to raise awareness. We started by looking at some photos of children with downs syndrome and talked about things they may find difficult or things they love. The children gave some amazing ideas of how we can respect similarities and differences in others!

Next up we discussed muscle tone. This is such a significant part of the struggles children with Down Syndrome face. I did a demonstration to show how speaking can be difficult for children with low tone. I had a marshmallow in my mouth. Then we all tried to speak to one another with marshmallows in our mouth and found it difficult!

We also tried writing with a sock on our hand to show how writing can be difficult as well.

Our last activity was creating our own unique socks. We talked about how boring it would be if we were all the same.

Well-Being Week

The first week back from school post-lockdown focused on the well-being of children. As we welcomed them back to school, they were greeted with balloons and fun activities to help them settle in after a long break.

All the children were missed and we are delighted to have them back!

‘There’s always a rainbow after a storm’

The first day back was filled with joyfully activities. The children decorated cupcakes with emojis, enjoyed chocolate fountain and spent time outdoors playing penalty shoot-out.

Children named an emotion they felt during lockdown and then connected with their peers who may have also felt the same way. They were reminded of the importance of talking and listening to one another to enhance a positive wellbeing.

Yarn activity- a web of emotions ”we were away from each other but our feelings weren’t”. the children sat in a circle and mentioned an emotion they felt during home-school and when they felt it. They then gave the yarn ball to someone who felt the same. That child then named another emotion and forwarded the yarn to another child. This was to remind the children that it good to talk and that there are other children out there who feel what we feel and that you are never alone.

Happiness Balloons activity- children learnt about the importance of helping one another in a fun way. The teachers asked the children to blow the balloons and then each child to write their names on the balloon. They tossed all the balloons in the class so that they were mixed up. The children couldn’t find their own balloons so were told to pick up the one closest to them and give it to the person whose name was on it. After everyone had got a balloon they were told that balloons are like happiness. no one will find it looking for theirs only. instead if everyone cares about each other’s they will find theirs as quickly as possible.

Everyone is trying to find their own happiness in this world. But when we help someone else with finding their own happiness Allah grants us our happiness through the help of others. Wish for others what you wish for yourself

During the afternoon pupils used their computing skills to express their emotions. Well done!!

Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying. All year groups took part in different activities during the week, as well as incorporating anti-bullying in the lessons.

For Early Years, they had a discussion on what bullying is, highlighting that bullying is when someone does something bad repeatedly. The children talked about being friends and what makes a good friend, for example sharing, helping etc.

For their activity, they read the story of ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’, creating a storyboard and drawing the grass, the river and the bridge. The children were encouraged to draw and cut out 3 different sized goats and a troll. They then used their story board to retell the story of ‘The 3 Billy Goat’s Gruff.”

In Primary classes, the children partook in various activities, they wrote unfriendly comments and then cut up the human body image. They learnt that no matter how much you apologise to a person after being hurtful towards them, the harm will always remain. In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Children also made beautiful Anti-Bullying posters to show the importance of being nice to one another and what Islam teaches us about kindness and good character.

They also had a competition to design the best pair of socks, we had some awesome socks. Congratulations to the winners, Aisha Bodhania, Zainab Vali and Maariyah Moosa.

World Food Day

Nursery, looked at the popular food in the country Turkey. The children had a fantastic time tasting the different food items such as falafels, humous, olives, pomegranate and even Turkish delight which was the favourite choice amongst the class. They discussed the different textures of the food and used amazing language to describe some of the foods such as ‘crispy’, soft, chewy, sweet, hard, crunchy. They also made Turkey flags at the creative table and looked at Turkish writing on the food packages.”

In Literacy Reception class got into small groups and looked at images of children from poor countries looking for food in the rubbish, waiting in line for food, carrying buckets of water or drinking dirty water. they talked about how we should be thankful and say Alhumdulillah and not waste food. They then drew and labelled pictures of what they could give to the children in the photos. For snack they had different items with chocolate in them and talked about the healthy foods they normally have for snack and how they can have chocolate in small amounts. They were also thankful for having these treats.

Year 1/2 looked at the culture of France. They learnt about the famous buttery, flaky, crescent shaped bread known as Croissants which is their speciality and crepes.

Year 3/4 chose Italy. The children learned the history of pizza and where it originates from as well as how mozzarella is made. They tasted pizzas, garlic bread and bread sticks.

Year 5/6 children learnt about the remarkable History of Turkey, the inspirational culture, the delicious cuisine and its famous attractions for tourists. They also made their very own Turkish Fez. Well done!

Black History Month

Year 1 &2: During Black History Month, the children learnt about the Famous Nurse Mary Seacole who looked after injured soldiers at the time of the Crimean War. She also helped look after lots of Jamaican people affected by the cholera outbreak in 1850. Due to her very caring nature she was given the name ‘Mother Seacole’ and her efforts are still recognised today.

Year 3: As part of Black History Month, the children learnt about famous black figures throughout history, such as; Rosa Parks. We learnt what Rosa Parks did to stand up for herself at a time when black people were discriminated against, and how she changed the law for black people in America.

Year 4: Black History Month is a time set aside each year to celebrate the achievements of black men and women in the past and today. The Year 4 students were introduced to some key black figures including, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mary Seacole and studied the importance and significance they have had in society. The students also generated good knowledge of the most recent George Floyd case which brought about the movement of Black Lives Matter.

Year 5: Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States, where it is also known as African-American History Month. It has received official recognition from governments in the United States and Canada, and more recently has been observed in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. It began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

Year 6: For Black History Month Year 6 researched and learnt about famous and important Black figures from the past and present. We learnt about their roles, impact and achievements in many different fields. Children were also asked to name five living Black people that are famous or well known.

Mental Health Day

In Early Years, the children talked about feelings last week and what they could do if they were feeling down. They read a book called ‘Angry.’ drew pictures of the feelings and talked about why they might be feeling that way. They also thought of ways they could help people if they were feelings sad, angry or lonely.

The children also learnt that when we are angry and standing up we should sit down and if we are sitting we should lie down. They even made their very own green ribbons!

In Primary, as part of wellbeing week, children learnt about the 5 steps to positive mental health. To connect with others, children created a card to a loved one of their choice. As part of ‘take notice’, children were given different types of jellies. They were then asked to take a close look at the jelly, smell it, feel it and listen out to any sounds it makes when dropped. They then wrote down a short description of their jellies, using their 5 senses.

As part of World Mental Health day, the children made ‘Anger catches’ to help them cope with different emotions that they may feel. It was a fun activity as they decorated their anger catchers while educating the children on mental health and its importance. They learned how situations may cause different emotional reactions for different people.

As part of mental health day, the children learnt about mental well-being and ways it could be improved. Children learnt about individuals they could turn to with any issue. The year 4 children created superhero face masks to reinforce the idea that they would be there for one another and actively try to ensure that they could help promote positive mental health.

As part of well-being week, we looked at the five steps to positive mental health and the impact mental health has on our young minds. Children made a well-being booklet where they illustrated what makes them happy and what they are grateful for. Children also created a “What I would like to achieve by the end of the year jar”

For Mental Health Day the children made green ribbons. The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness. The children attached the ribbons to their clothing to show that they are aware and care about mental health. Children also learnt about how to develop and maintain a growth mindset and discussed the benefits of having positive thinking.

Wellbeing Week

For wellbeing week, the classes focused on 5 wellbeing outcomes.

  • Being Active
  • Being Mindful
  • Being Thankful
  • Giving
  • Kindness & Gratitude

Reception class focused on 1 outcome per day. For ‘Being active’, they had an obstacle course, balancing beams, and parachute games outside. They also had water play inside, creative painting activities, and card-making which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

For ‘being mindful and Thankful’, they discussed being thankful for everything Allah has given us and had beautiful responses from the children, they also made pictures of the things they are thankful for. One of the activity was a fruit tasting activity, this was to encourage the children to think about all the fruits we have been blessed with, the children enjoyed this activity.

For ‘Giving’, they talked about giving charity and Sadaqah and made their own charity boxes, they loved decorating them and coloring them in. They did some worksheets, and some of them made flowers for their parents.

‘Kindness & Gratitude tree’ was the last focus point. The children talked about how we can be kind, caring and help other, we had beautiful responses from the children, which we added to our tree.

In Primary, as part of well-being week, the children looked at the five steps to positive mental health and the impact mental health has on young minds. Each year group carried out a range of fun activities in order to learn about positive thinking and mental health.

In Year 1&2 for focusing on ‘Keep Learning’, they learnt a new communication skill by creating a letter for classmates using secret code. children also wrote a letter to their future selves. In the letter they each highlighted their goals and aspirations for the future

Children in Y3 made a well-being booklet where they illustrated what makes them happy and what they are grateful for. They also created a “What I would like to achieve by the end of the year jar”

In order to reconnect with one another and with new members of staff, Year 4 children created an ‘All about me cubes’ where they introduced themselves and learnt facts about one another.

For Promoting Giving, the Year 5 children made a kindness calendar which is used on a daily basis. The children connected with their peers as part of ‘Connect’ by making ‘cup phones’ using cups and string.

To focus on Mindfulness children in Year 6 practised meditation techniques and discussed the different situations it could come in use. When it came to ‘Being active’, children performed a yoga routine after discussing the benefits of exercise for the mind. The children made a kindness calendar which was part of their activity focusing on ‘Give’. They also made colourful emotion wheels.

Elections 13/12/2019

It was a busy day at PPS on Election day as our party leaders prepared to present their vision for the country in a live-debate with our student audience. The Yr6 candidates were representing Labour. Conservatives. Green Party. UKIP or Liberal Democrats for General Election 2019.
Once the leaders, made their final pitches, the students cast their votes carefully and thoughtfully in the Ballot Box.
The party with the most votes with a whooping 53.4% was Labour, followed by The Green Party with 17.3%
Well Done to all the children for taking part, especially the Yr6 students for all their time and effort.

In Reception class, the children talked about the importance of voting and how people all over the country would be voting. They prepared their own election where the children could vote for the play dough colour for the following week. It was emphasized that voting was their choice and when the voting started all the children queued up. They remembered to keep their vote private, fold it and post it in the ballot box. They were careful to add only 1 cross.

Yorkshire Bank 20/11/2019

The students had a fantastic experience with a visit from Yorkshire Bank for their Money Minds session. It was a session filled with information, interactivity, learning and fun activities.

The children learned about looking after money, where money comes from, various different type of money. They also had to guess which currency matches with which country, how to recognise money and a step by step process of what happens when you visit the bank and deposit money. Budgeting skills were put in use, when the children were told to plan a party within the budget given.

It was a very productive session in which many skills were learnt.

World Kindness Day 13/11/2019

For World Kindness day, the children looked at the reward received when thinking of others and in this activity the Reception children wrapped chocolates for the adults that help them in the school. They made their own labels and delivered them to the adults a few days later.

Reception class incorporated World Kindness day in Anti Bullying week.
They looked at the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff and talked about what the troll did in the story that made him a bully. They then made their own story boards to retell the story and made ‘friend hats’ adding pictures on to the hat that showed them how one can be a good friend.

World Mental Health Day October 2019

Well done to all the staff and students who took part in Mental Heath Day by wearing something yellow to show solidarity within people and helping them know that they’re not alone.
The children had an opportunity to explore different emotions and feelings and understand the importance of having healthy minds and healthy bodies.

Some of the activities the children enjoyed taking part in, was looking at different expressions and marching them to feelings, saying why they thought they might be feeling like that. They talked to a partner about who they would talk to if we were feeling angry or scared. They discussed different picture cards and sorted them into friendly and unfriendly. There were lots of different materials and they enjoyed creating different expressions. They also made different things in yellow to wear for the day.

STEM April 2019

STEM Cross Curricular day provided a resourceful platform to stimulate and support children to become confident individuals and celebrate all sciences,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and their importance and reliance in our everyday lives.
Throughout the day children engaged in various exciting activities such as:

Paper Tower Challenge
9 Toothpick Triangle Challenge
Building with Lego
Creating Bridges And Structures
Measuring And The Process Of Baking
Creating Inventions
Packaging And Materials

Multi Faith Day February 2019

On Multi Faith Cross Curricular day, the key message of Respect and Tolerance was enhanced through looking at the six main religions. Children explored the culture, beliefs, festivals and places of worship of each religion.

The children undertook various interesting activities to enhance their learning opportunities.

They looked at places of worship for the different religions by studying the similarities and differences between Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Gurdwara and Mandir and how we all pray.

Languages Around the World December 2018

This terms cross curricular was themed around promoting multilingualism and creating awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity. The whole school became alive with a celebration of our diverse and beautiful world of rich cultures, customs and languages spoken around the globe. The children had an opportunity to identify the different countries on the map, explore their culture and learn about the origin of the languages spoken. Overall, It was a day filled with multilingual fun!

World Kindness Day November 2018

To celebrate World Kindness Day all of our children wrote an example of a kind act on a sticker and posted it on our board. This reminds us that we should be kind to everyone every day.

NHS70 – OCTOBER 2018

We had a whole day celebrating 70 years of the NHS.

The children learnt about the NHS services available to them and how they can seek help using the services provided in our region. Children went back in time to see where it all began by looking at the history and timeline of the NHS. They explored different inventions that were made and learnt how advances in technology have shaped the NHS and moulded it into the brilliant establishment it is today.
Children were also taught basic first aid, from what do in an emergency to how to call for help. They learnt how to help someone choking, someone who is un-conscious, the recovery position etc. They explored emergency scenarios and were able to explain what must be done in a particular situation.

RAF 100 – JULY 2018

Hats of Faith – July 2018

Hats of Faith bus came to visit our school to help us learn more about all the religions in the world and also to talk about tolerance and respect.

Eid Gifts for our Neighbours – June 2018

Downs Syndrome Awareness – March 2018

Women who changed the World – February 2018

Our cross – curricular day focused on learning and celebrating 100 years of the vote for women. We used this event to learn about many inspirational women in history.

Grandparents Day – December 2017

To help consolidate the learning of the Year 1 children in their history lesson, we invited some grandparents to school to talk about how things were when they were young. It was very interesting for the children to hear about the types of games they played.

Anti-Bullying Week

The week of 16th – 20th November is Anti-Bullying Week which is marked with special activities and events throughout the school. This puts an extra emphasis on our “zero tolerance for bullying” policy. One of the activities this week was for each child to design an anti-bullying poster. A winner would be be selected from each year group and their poster would then be displayed on our Anti-Bullying Board. Well done to all children for taking part and we will look forward to hearing about the winners!

Road Safety Week

During Road Safety Week, the Paradise children took part in various learning activities. These included both theory and practical activities inside and outside the classroom. We welcomed visitors to remind us how to cross safely and we enjoyed learning off each other while working in our mentor groups.

School Partnership to Clean up the Community

The children in Year 3 joined forces with the Year 3 children from Madni and went out on a mission to clean up the community. They worked very hard clearing up rubbish and gathering leaves from a local area in Savile Town. It was a great and very rewarding experience by the children and a wonderful opportunity to link with another local school. We will look forward to more projects together in the future.

All Saints in Cumbria

Earlier in the week the children at Paradise were learning about the floods that affected the people of Cumbria and after some of the parents from PPS had been there to help with the clean up operation. The children felt inspired to help and were concerned that children and families, just like them, would be struggling to live in their own homes due to the devastation caused by the flooding. So on Thursday 17th December a group of children undertook a very enjoyable and lively 4 hour trip to All Saints CE Primary School in Cockermouth. They met with the children and teachers, performed some nasheeds in a special assembly and delivered boxes of doughnuts as a special end of term treat. Aishah delivered a speech explaining to the children the meaning of the nasheeds and that the message given is that we are all one big family and should love one another no matter what happens. Ahmad led the children in the nasheeds and the staff and children of All Saints were very impressed. Meanwhile back in Dewsbury, the other children held a milkshake and nasheed afternoon where they each brought in a charitable donation in order to help the flood effected families in Cumbria.
“Thank you so much to you and your lovely children for travelling to see us. We are looking forward to staying in touch with you and definitely will be looking into accessing some funding so we can visit you and your school! Heartfelt thanks to all your children.” All Saints
Both schools are excited about working together in the future.

Paula Sherriff MP

On 23rd October we welcomed our local newly elected MP to school. This was an excellent extension to our Election Day earlier in the year which was a very important day for Paula. Paula met with all of the children and gave them an insight into what her job entails and how she looks after our community. She expressed her enjoyment at visiting our school and hopes to return again very soon.

Maths Cross – Curricular Day

West Yorkshire Police Visit

Officers from West Yorkshire Police, including Community Liaison Officers and Prevent Coordinators spent the day educating the children about the merits of being a police officer and the perils of being on the wrong side of the law. This was a great opportunity to discuss safety with our children both on and off line.

School Pets

In July we welcomed Oreo and Cream to our school. They have provided the children with an opportunity to love, respect and care for other living creatures and have embraced the responsibility of looking after their daily needs with great enthusiasm.

Farm to Fork

Reception class visited Tesco as part of the Farm to Fork scheme to see where their food comes from.They got to dress up and try different breads and cheeses and view all types of fish.

Election Day

On May 7th, National Election Day, the children of Paradise all took part in the experience just like all the politicians throughout the country! Each class were allocated one of the main political party’s, learnt all about them and developed their own manifesto, elected their own leaders and made election speeches for the whole school. The whole week the school building was transformed with bill boards and posters advertising the various parties. Teachers and children both enjoyed this whole experience and Year 4 reigned victorious!

Visit to Barnfield Residential Home

The children from Year 5 paid a visit to the residents in Barnfield one morning in March. They brought buns and snacks are prepared some musical performances for the the ladies and gentlemen there. Then they stayed and chatted a while about each others lives and different things they had in common. The children and staff loved the visit and made some friends there. After the visit one resident contacted the school to say how much they had enjoyed meeting the children and came and took an assembly for the whole school. We hope to visit again soon.