Dentist Visit 30/11/21

On Tuesday we were visited by some dentists whom gave lots of helpful information and advice to the children on how to keep their teeth clean and healthy.
Children looked at models of sets of teeth which were both clean an unclean. They attempted to brush the teeth in order to get them clean.
Children also learned some new words such as plaque, tar, rot, fillings, extraction etc.
As a follow up to this, children had a porridge taster session, where their task was to choose from a selection of fruits to sweeten their porridge, as an alternative to sugar.
We talked about other foods which are kind to teeth as well as the impact it has on overall health.
The children were also encouraged to select, or at least taste honey, we spoke of its benefits and introduced it as a sunnah. We discussed the Hadeeth that honey is a remedy for all illness.