Eid-Al-Fitr Preparations & Party 10/05/2021-17/05/2021

We are all so excited for Eid!
We have been wrapping presents, ‘baking’ biscuits and cakes with play dough, making decorations for our classroom and even making binoculars to sight the new moon.

The children enjoyed designing their own boxes and then decorating their biscuits. The marshmallows were very popular and the gift boxes turned out amazing.

We hope everyone had a great EidAlFitr
The classrooms were festive with colourful Eid Decorations the classes have put together for their Eid Party

Eid party!
The children had great fun at our eid party today
They wore their best clothes, played games and shared the party snacks.
The kids played lots of games, pass the parcel, nasheed chairs, nasheed statues, pin the minaret etc
They also had lots of yummy treats