Library Visit 25,26/11/2021 06,07/12/2021 09/12/21

Nursery had a fantastic time on their trip to the Library in Dewsbury Town centre.
They looked at books and listened carefully to the stories. They also carried out a variety of craft and colouring activities loved the Library mascot ‘Topsy’!
Children had fun joining in with singing nursery rhymes and carrying out the actions.
They also looked at how to borrow books from the Library and how to operate the machines!
The children were really excited to be at the library!

Year 1 children had a fun filled morning visiting the library. They experienced a day of singing, reading, arts and crafts and learning how to take out books!
The purpose of their trip was to learn about fiction and non- fiction books. They had fun searching the library for different types of books. Using their knowledge of non fiction and fiction features, they were able to recognise and choose books. Well done year 1 for showcasing fantastic behaviour. Keep up the good work!

The children have visited Dewsbury library over the last 2 days and really enjoyed themselves. They behaved really well and answered lots of questions. They sang songs, listened to a story, scanned books and did some creative activities.