Police Visit 22/11/2021

Today reception class had a visit from some police officers👮‍♂️👮‍♀️, as we have been learning about the work they do and our role play area is also a police station.
The officers talked about their job and the different transport🚓 and animals they use. They asked lots of questions and our children answered most of them!
They also talked about road safety and keeping safe when we are out and about.
They also got to sit in a police van!
A big thankyou to the officers!

Thank you to PC Annette and PC Julie for paying a visit to our school to raise awareness regarding Road Safety. The KS1 children learnt about the Green Cross Code and how to travel in a car with the correct safety measures. They were also given the opportunity to take a look inside a police van. 🚦🚸🚔