The Great Gingerbread Escape 11/2021

The case of the missing Gingerbread men…
The great escape!
This week, class 2 children helped to bake some gingerbread biscuits.
We wanted to decorate them but ran out of time, so we decided to leave them in a safe place overnight.
The children looked around and decided the best place was on top of the high cupboard, we hoped they would be safe there.
When we returned in the morning, the gingerbread biscuits were gone and were replaced with an empty tub, at first we thought someone had eaten our biscuits but then we found a note which had a short message for us.
The children made some ‘wanted’ posters and placed them around the school hoping someone may have seen our ginger bread men biscuits, however we had no luck in finding them and eventually we called the police .
The police officers investigated the crime scene and found some footprints alongside some clues. We followed the clues which took us all around the school, the final clue led us back into the classroom where we found our run away gingerbread biscuits laying on a tray.
Hooray, we finally got to decorate our gingerbread biscuits and eat them for snack!
Oh what a fun adventure we had today!……The Gingerbread man.
Children have been enjoying carrying out a range of activities in relation to the topic of the Gingerbread man this week.
They also created a gingerbread house and decorated gingerbread biscuits!