Bikeability Year 6

During their Bikeability session, The Year 6’s learnt necessary information and skills in regards to cycling, such as:
• Fasten a helmet correctly, with assistance if necessary.
• Name the main parts of the cycle.
• Check the tyres, brakes, chain and handlebars.
• Ride with control, look for hazards, come to a smooth stop.
• Apply brakes to stop quickly.
• Look over each shoulder and cover brakes whilst pedalling.
• Turn left and right and make u-turns.
• Pedal one-handed in straight line.
• Share space with others.
• Identify and respond to hazards.
• Start and stop on-road.
• Maintain suitable riding positions
• Comply with signals, signs and road markings
• Communicate with other road users
• Negotiate junctions
• Create and maintain a safe riding space. Scan my riding space ahead and behind.