Birds 13/01/21

The children have been learning about one of the wonderful creations of Allah SWT ‘Birds’.
The children have been learning about birds and how they differ from each other. The children have been introduced to the names of some of these birds such as peacock, sparrow, pigeon, blackbird, gull, robin etc.
They have also been making binoculars at the creative table which the children have had a fun time using for bird watching outdoors, even spotting some pigeons, sparrows and magpies.
They heard the different sounds of these birds when they listened quietly and even made bird feeders to hang on the trees for the birds.
They made nests using a variety of materials too.
They found real bird feathers which the birds dropped as they watched them fly above.
Some children drew birds and labelled them, some children took photographs using the iPads. They discussed the colours and the initial sounds of the names of these birds.
The children were surprised by a special visitor ‘Princey the parrot’. Princey talks, he said Salaam and replied to the children’s Salaams, she also told them she likes the Nursery!