EY Sports Day 15/07/2021

The children are having a fantastic time carrying out the different races.
They began by doing some warm up exercises and then were ready to begin the races…
The children are very competitive s they race against their competitors and are performing to their best abilities.
The children moved around the different race stations:

1 Obstacle course
2 Egg and Spoon Race
3 Balancing the ring
4 Aim the bean bag
5 Running Race
6 Sack Race

It’s a tough competition as they are all performing to their best abilities! The obstacles wont stop them! Moving in, around and over as they race against each other!

Winning 3rd place are GREEN GORILLAS!
Winning 2nd place are GREY GAZELLES…
And our winning team coming 1st place are…
A big congratulations to BLUE BABOONS and to all the teams, everyone played superb and did their fantastic best.
Well done to all that took part!