Water Cycle 22/01/21

This Nursery children have been learning about the water cycle.
They looked at pictures of streams flowing down the side of a mountain, clothes drying quickly on a windy day, clothes drying in the sun, steam rising from a cup of hot water, freezing rain and snow during a winter storm and steam from a hot kettle.
This supported the children’s learning in identifying examples of condensation, evaporation and precipitation.
They also looked at oceans, canals, rivers and rain.
They did their own experiment by creating their own mini water cycle. they added some rocks to represent mountains and used grass for vegetation and created a small pond which they filled up with water.
They left this in a warm place and soon observed evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation and run off!
The children thoroughly enjoyed this experiment and even made plates demonstrating their understanding.
Children learned the words and were able to explain their plates using language such as condensation, precipitation, evaporation etc.
What a fantastic week!